How to SSH to Your VPS or Dedicated Server

In this guide, we will show you how to SSH to your VPS or Dedicated Server using a PC.



Step 1: Download an SSH Client

We recommend using an FTP program called PuTTY. It is completely free and can be downloaded at


Step 2: Open PuTTY


When you first open the program, you will type your servers IP address in the 'Host Name (IP Address) box and then hit the Open button in the bottom right.



Step 3: Enter Your Username


You will get a login prompt and you need to type the following and hit enter:  root


Step 4: Enter Your Root Password

PuTTY will prompt you for your root password. Type it in and hit enter. If you already have the password copied into your clipboard, simply right click in the black area to paste the password in, and hit enter.


Step 5: You should now be logged into SSH.

The prompt “[email protected]” will appear upon sucessful login to your server. You can now run any SSH commands you would like to run. Remember, you are logged in as root user and can therefore modify all system files. This can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Do not run any commands you are unsure of as they can potentially ruin your entire VPS.


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